Eat food and call me in the morning. by chefmed
July 16, 2010, 1:42 pm
Filed under: Thoughts

How did we get here? As a nation, we’re discovering the consequences of “convenience”.  After decades of letting someone else craft our meals, obesity and related diseases are at all-time highs. What’s worse is that physicians aren’t necessarily role models for health behavior.

Medical students and residents tend to experience a decline in health (most notably including weight gain) as we move through programs that train us to take care of the human body. Unfortunately, knowledge doesn’t easily translate into a change of attitude and behavior.

The goal of chefMed is to bring home the principles of medical nutrition with an enjoyable curriculum of basic food preparation techniques, including shopping, gardening, food storage, and menu planning. In addition to this blog, we’ll have cooking classes, gardening workshops, a bi-monthly newsletter, recipe collection, and more! Let us know if you have an idea for this program or any other aspect of student wellness at the University of Kentucky.

It’s still summer, so cook yourself something nice tonight. Also, you might like to eat some fresh Kentucky fruit. I recommend the blackberries.


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