Adventures of an Amateur Gardener by campbellgrant
September 14, 2010, 12:00 am
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Have you ever been to Kroger to get some fresh mint or some basil for a Caprese Salad, and spent the $4 to buy the big bunch of basil? Then, that basil lasts about a day in your fridge before it starts to wilt, and by the end of the second day you’ve thrown it out!

This has always been frustrating for me, because I love cooking with fresh herbs. Like many of you, though, I’ve never really had a place where I could grow them. Well, that’s finally changed! The other day I borrowed some pots from my mom, got some soil and seedlings at Home Depot, and planted a mini-garden.

Campbell Grant's Porch Garden

Now I have mint, basil, and Swiss chard, mostly because that is all Home Depot had left this late in the season. My experience with actually growing plants is rather thin, but I figured, “Hey, how hard could it be to grow a few herbs?”

I read the packaging on each plant, which told me that they would like sun, water, and living in the ground. Nothing too complicated there. I put my plants in some soil, gave them a little water, and sat back to watch them grow. Thinking I would water my plants every other day to try and conserve some water, I arrived home the second day to find my Swiss Chard wilted. I had managed to kill a plant in near record time! Desperately, I poured a large bowl of water into the pot, hoping to save the mint and the basil from what I was now sure was certain doom. Much to my surprise, the next morning when I woke up the Swiss Chard had bounced back, and has now regained its old form. (I will be watering it every day now.)

Growing just a few things on your porch takes very little time, of which we, as med students, have very little to begin with. If it sounds intriguing, just buy a small pot, fill it with some dirt, and pop in a couple of seeds. You might be surprised what can happen when you just add a little water.

–Campbell Grant


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And Green Onions! Just use the green onion and leave a little bit of the green and the roots at the bottom, stick them in water (just enough the cover the roots) and there you have an emergency supply if you ever need them!

They will grow very fast and easily!


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