Applesauce Welcomes October by chefmed
October 4, 2010, 9:53 pm
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After a full day in the classroom, I was ready for a cold-and-gloomy day nap. However, I’d only been home five minutes when my lovely wife had to rush off to work and leave me in charge of a significant amount of applesauce!

When you think of applesauce, what comes to mind? individually wrapped packages? any apple trees? Well, this is one area in which I’m willing to go straight old-fashioned. Felice and I headed up to Reed Valley Orchard on Friday, and we came home with 20 lbs. of “seconds”, or discounted, slightly bruised apples (in addition to 59 cent/lb. butternut squash). These near-perfect fruits are just the thing for baking or preserving.

Preserving? It may seem crazy, but it’s a fun way to save local produce (and you can’t beat it for the money). Felice had done the work of chopping apples, and I simply had to finish the cooking, load the jars, and boil the finished product for 15 min in a GIANT pot.

We ended up with nine pints and some change, the materials for which probably cost about 12 bucks!  This stuff is, of course, delicious. There’s no need to add sugar, flavoring, or preservatives, as long as you use decent apples and follow some trustworthy instructions.

Speaking of instruction, you might be interested to know where it’s available. Try the USDA publications at the National Center for Home Food Perservation, or check the schedule of classes at your local Cooperative Extension Office.

–thad salmon


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